A Tale of Two Cockatoos

Both are Healthy and Happy Following Their Rescue

Meet Lady Anna and Miss Pearl, two Umbrella cockatoos that came to The Gabriel Foundation from separate cruelty rescue cases, almost a year apart. They were among 13 birds who came in from Colorado and eight others who came from a raided puppy mill breeder.

Both cockatoos lived in similar horrible circumstances: filth, locked up in small cages for years with no access to fresh clean water, cages filled with dry feces and old food, and nothing to do for hours on end but pick their feathers. No baths, no fresh air, no fresh food and no one there to help them until The Gabriel Foundation was asked to help.

The Foundation responded swiftly and effectively. Logistics were put in place, quarantine space was readied and a veterinarian was on call in the event of an emergency.

Foundation staff and volunteers wondered how the girls, who had been locked up for years, would respond to their new home. It didn’t take long for each of these birds to dive into their food dishes, filled with bird-healthy vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and cooked legumes.

Hunks of strung pine wood blocks were soon made into slivers. With wings flapping and happy bird calls, there was plenty of participation when their first showers were offered.

Given time in the healthy Colorado sun, their bodies enjoying the benefits of natural daylight and clean fresh air around them, the transformation began.

And that transformation is credited to the staff, volunteers and donors of The Gabriel Foundation.

With that support, Lady Anna and Miss Pearl were able to meet a loving, caring adopter. Now, each one is the other’s best friend. That is truly a gift of love.

Founded in 1995 and located in Elbert County, The Gabriel Foundation is a non-profit parrot welfare organization, whose mission and purpose is to provide safe sanctuary and care for parrots in need,  match extraordinary birds with caring adopters, and to inspire and encourage all to responsibly improve the lives of companion parrots. For more information, visit