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Bleopharoplasty Provides a Rejuvenation That Many Seek


Time can take a toll on your skin. Be it sun damage, exhaustion or gravity, most people will notice fine lines, droopy eyelids or puffy bags under the eyes. And as we age, the progression can worsen, causing people to feel self-conscious or even inhibit their vision.

This is where Dr. Michael McCracken of the McCracken Eye and Face Institute can help. Dr. McCracken says he was drawn to ophthalmology when he was in college, as he witnessed the detrimental effects that vision loss had on his grandmother and watched her become dependent on others for the daily activities that we take for granted.

He says he subspecialized in eyelids because he can have a very concrete impact. “It is very rewarding to me to make patients feel better about themselves,” he says.

And blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can give patients that rejuvenation that they seek. Blepharoplasty is a procedure that dramatically alters the appearance of the eyelids, with only one to two weeks of recovery time.

During the procedure, skin and fat are removed from the eyelid to open up and raise the upper eyelid and remove puffiness from below the eye.

“Another thing that we often do with (blepharoplasty) is laser skin resurfacing, and that tightens up the skin,” McCracken says. “It can help with fine lines, and it can help with any color changes around the eyes.”

Eyelid surgery may also reduce vision problems, because many people suffer from headaches or lose peripheral vision due to droopy eyelids.

“Sometimes patients will say, ‘I didn’t realize this, but ever since I had that surgery, I see cars in the lane next to me and I’m not getting honked at when I try to change lanes,’” McCracken explains.

When asked what we can do here in sunny Colorado to promote youthful skin and delay the need for cosmetic procedures, Dr. McCracken offers some advice.

“Daily sunscreen wear is the most important thing, even when just driving in the car,” he says. “We see more skin cancer on the left side of the face because of the sun coming in the window when people are driving.”

Also, avoid smoking and use moisturizers as much as possible.

But what about those other costly creams and ointments? Is there a miracle in a bottle somewhere out there?

Dr. McCracken says that he sees a lot of people who have purchased all the different creams from all of the different department stores. “They’ve tried cucumbers and tea bags and all of those things, and it is really difficult to see results from any of those,” he says.

There is even a trendy new product, Neotensil, called “Spanx” for the eyes, that is a daily-use polymer placed under the eyes. At $500 for a seven-week supply, it gets expensive. “And most people at that point would rather have surgery,” McCracken says.

With blepharoplasty–at the price of $2,500 for either the upper or lower eyelids, or $4,500 for both–a patient could save money in the long-run and prevent the headache of continuously putting faith in the latest fad.