A Challenge to Support OUR LOCAL SCHOOLS

September is upon us. And, as we enter the start of fall, we start to see the changing of the seasons. The sunny days and cool nights spark autumn colors. Schools of all levels are in full swing, and for some of us, it means it is Football Season!!!

Thousand of Americans each year watch their college games on Saturday and take in pro football on Sundays. We follow our teams with great interest. We wear our favorite team shirt on game day.  We display the team flag with pride on our homes. Many of us live for the weekend during Football Season.

In many of the small rural communities in Colorado, that same enthusiasm is shown for their high school team. Community members, young and old, wear the team shirt on game day and make a point of attending the game to cheer on their favorite hometown team. In fact, almost everyone in the town will show up for the game to support their team!

In Parker, we have four high schools:  Lutheran, Chaparral, Legend and Ponderosa. They all have some amazing athletes who work extremely hard academically and athletically each and every day to be the best team in their division. They host and play some amazing games each week. The attendance at these games tends to be fair to good, with some nights better then others, depending on competition and the night.

Parker is not a rural community, but the people living here love their town. So let’s show our town spirit!

I encourage each of you to add one of the four high schools to your list of “favorite” football teams to follow. Buy a game-day team shirt and attend at least one of their games this fall.

If football isn’t your thing, each high school offers many other athletic or performing arts events that you can attend. Pick one and go!

Showing your support for these athletes, performers and students goes a long way. Buying their shirts for game day and buying a ticket for a performance not only helps support funding for their program, but showing up to watch the event shows your support for the students in our community.

Imagine a crisp Friday night under the lights, 11 young men out there giving it their all and having their home stand filled with fans in their team colors cheering them on, led by the cheerleaders and the band playing the fight song as they march down the field and score.

Happy Football Season! For each team’s schedule, please visit:

GO LIONS                LHSparker.org/athletics

GOWOLVERINES DCSDK12.org/school/chaparral-high-school

GO TITANS          LegendTitans.org

GO MUSTANGS    DCSDK12.org/school/ponderosa-high-school