Lose Weight and get Healthy at the Same Time 2

Parker Med and Day Spa’s program keeps the pounds from coming back


If you’ve been on the roller coaster of weight-loss, dealing with the constant losing and regaining of unwanted weight, your lack of detoxification is probably the culprit.

“When people lose weight and don’t detox, they still have all the toxins in their body. Fat cells are actually created to hold toxins and to keep them away from the body,” says Tina Long, owner of Parker Med and Day Spa. “That’s why there’s always the rebound affect.”

With her background as a certified laser technician, medical assistant specializing in weight loss and a nationally certified therapeutic massage/body worker, Tina can explain in detail what is happening to the body, but she has also experienced the phenomena firsthand.

“My biggest ever was three months after liposuction,” she explains. “I ate it all back on and added on more weight within those three months. Even though my fat cells were literally sucked out, my body made new fat cells to hold my toxins.”

Now a size 3, down from a size 12, Tina says she was able to lose the inches through a variety of methods offered at Parker Med and Day Spa, mainly the fat-melting lasers to detox the body of the toxins laying dormant in the fat cells.

The best place to start, according to Tina, is with a blood test known as the Alcat, which tests healthy foods and additives to see if they cause inflammation once eaten.

“Here’s a good visual for people to understand what I’m talking about: When you take your clothes off at night and you look in the mirror and you look 12 months pregnant with twins, whatever you are eating, your body is saying no. The blood test takes all the guess work out of it.”

For Tina, that meant giving up beef, buffalo, kale and bananas, etc.–all staples of her diet before the test.

But the test is only one option out of the multitude of services offered at Parker Med and Day Spa for detox, losing weight and improving health.

The boutique spa also offers Zerona, which is an overall fat emulsifier that also melts triglycerides; the Yolo Curve, which spot treats fat areas and recently was showcased on NBC Nightly News; vibration plates, which burn calories through movement and increase lymphatic flushing; and an infrared sauna, which treats tissues at the cellular level to help remove toxins through sweat.

“It all starts with what you are putting in your mouth.” Tina says. “Then we treat you with the Yolo, Zerona, vibration plate and infrared sauna at the same time. We have a whole little program.”

But if all that seems like more than what you really want, Parker Med and Day Spa also offers the basics, including massages, facials, foot cleanses for rapid detox, anti-aging treatments and acne treatments–all with an individual’s health in mind.

“After all, a massage is a toxic release, so it’s good for your health too–not just a way to relax,” Tina explains.

Tina says her focus has “always been on health and wellness”–beginning with the opening of her first clinic in Aurora in 1993, which had five massage therapists, an aesthetician and a physical therapist.

She purchased her first laser in 1998, which led to the opening of her second location in Parker in 2001.

She closed the Aurora office in 2006 after the expansion was completed at the Parker spa. The 3,500 square-foot facility now has 15 staff members, including a medical director, who occupy its 19 treatment rooms filled with the latest in technology for weight loss, skin care and more.

For information, visit ParkerMedSpa.com or call 303.841.8780.