Seeking more news “Inspired by Community.” 1

In the past few weeks, I’ve received some incredibly nice notes from folks that make me extra proud of this publication, which is “inspired by community.”

Among those notes was an email from Barry and Pat, which said: “Enjoyed reading the Sept 2015 Parker Lifestyle magazine. It’s nice to see all the positive things people have done/are doing in our community. Also enjoyed the calendar of events and info on Parker Oktoberfest.”

Along those same lines was a Facebook post from Karen, who wrote: “You may not be the ‘first,’ but you most certainly are the premier Parker magazine. Congrats on bringing Parker some interesting local highlights along with keeping us abreast on what is around the corner. Nice to see something other than just advertisements.”

It’s nice to know that our efforts to bring you community news are appreciated.

We will continue to do that. In return, we’d love it if you would visit or call some of our advertisers and let them know you learned about them through the magazine. It’s their ad dollars that enable us to mail you this publication free each month. Without them, Parker Lifestyle would not exist.

So, while you are shopping around Parker, please think of our advertisers. And we’ll continue to send you a quality publication that is 50 percent ads and 50 percent local news and highlights.

We hope you enjoy our feature story in this month’s Hops & Vine issue, which is about a new winery called Purgatory Cellars. They’ve got a fascinating story to tell. We also give you the lowdown on Parker’s three breweries, some cool real estate information, a fantastic Vietnamese/Thai restaurant and lots of other wonderful activities.

Keep those comments coming.