Math and Discipline Create 
Results for Local Businesses 1

DoBizLo Brings Big Business Tools to Small and Medium Businesses

Using math, discipline and the concepts of planning ahead and buying locally, a relatively new company has found a way to bring big business marketing tools to small- and medium-sized businesses.

DoBizLo and its staff have a vast amount of resources and ideas that most small- to medium-sized business could never afford on their own, says Jonathan James, CEO of Animal Care Center of Castle Pines and a DoBizLo client for four months.

“They’ve found a way to aggregate that,” he says. “When you look at what they can do, they bring all their resources but make them accessible to the small business. That really is what makes them so incredibly unique.”

For James and Scott McQueen of Pinetree Jewelers in Parker, the company has been critical in improving their respective business’ online presence.

“They drive a lot of people to your website,” says McQueen. “They give you a lot of services and a lot of things that usually only big companies have for a reasonable price. “

But it’s not just one thing; it’s the variety of services and the knowledge of the staff that add up to improve business results, McQueen says.

The company was launched in Parker in January 2013 by Founder Joe Oltmann and Chief Technology Officer Chris Wiegand. It now includes President Troy Daniels and about 40 employees who serve about 600 businesses in 16 Colorado communities with plans for expansion in New Mexico, Utah and Arizona in 2016.

“The strategy of buying hyperlocal was Joe’s strategy, and it’s brilliant,” Daniels says. “It all starts with a good idea.” And is then implemented through discipline.

Oltmann agreed, saying businesses must agree to stick to the system, which is based on mathematical probabilities of engagement rather than marketing technique.

“This is a discipline. It’s not just you can come to us, give us some money and we can make your business grow,” Oltmann says. “You have to build what we do into the day-to-day operations of planning ahead for your business.

“Small to medium businesses don’t know how to plan ahead. They plan today for what they are going to do tomorrow. What we teach businesses to do is … plan in October what we’re going to do in November. We build a strategy and then on the first of the month, we launch that strategy.”

Admitting he is not a “marketing guy,” Oltmann says he came up with the idea for DoBizLo after seeing too many small- to medium-sized businesses swallowed up by the big business environment.

“Let’s just use Ace Hardware as an example,” Oltmann says. “Ace Hardware stores are in a community, typically owned by someone locally. And Home Depot comes in and puts a big huge box down and spends $1 million to advertise themselves and then all of a sudden the entire community gets amnesia and forgets about that business that has serviced their community for so long.”

Add to that the concept of local.

“We know that 87 cents on every dollar is spent within three to five miles of a person’s home, so why is it that companies are being asked to advertise 30 miles away?” Oltmann asks. “And they’re spending all this money that is really not going to bring people to their front door.”

Then bring in all the different channels.

DoBizLo provides local consumers with deals and offers “when and where” the customers want to receive them, whether it’s through email, text messaging, social media or search engine optimization.

“We’ve built something that’s incredibly special for small- to medium-sized business,” Oltmann says.

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