Coffee Cabin – A Perfect Example of Community 2

When I reflect on community and what it means to be “inspired by community,” I can’t help but think of Wesley Crespi at the Coffee Cabin.

As you pull up to order your coffee, you are greeted with an enthusiastic and energetic welcome. While Wes will gladly sell you a favorite beverage, he also wants to get to know you.

Wes moved here from Brooklyn, N.Y., 15 years ago, and he never forgot what community meant growing up with a single parent. He understands it takes neighbors, friends and the whole community’s support to raise a family.

In August of 2006, Wes, wife Kriste and daughters Kylee and India opened Coffee Cabin, a drive-up coffee shop at the northeast corner of Stroh Road and Parker Road.  Remembering that need for support, they turned their energies to not only owning a coffee shop, but also giving back to the community.

After the second year in business, they decided to donate everything they made one Sunday a month to a local charity.

As the economy declined and Kriste closed her business, they were forced to look for other ways to give back. They organized the Coffee Cabin Children’s Hospital Walk, which has raised $40,000 for Children’s Hospital over five years.

They also started their annual toy drive. They collect trailers full of toys, which have been distributed over the years to a variety of agencies, schools and individuals so that children in need can have a good Christmas.

While the Coffee Cabin is the sponsor of these charitable events, Wes turns the praise and attention to his customers and their support of these charities. You see, while you get your coffee, Wes spends the time talking to you, getting to know you and remembering you. He knows your name the next time you drive up. He becomes your neighbor, your friend and part of the community that supports you.

In exchange for your purchase of coffee and a breakfast item or snack, you gain a supportive friend. In fact, the family is invited to and attends many weddings, funerals and family celebrations because of the friendships that they have developed with their customers.

This summer, the Coffee Cabin expanded north to the southeast corner of Ponderosa Drive and Parker Road. The south location will close this winter due to the upcoming development of the property at Stroh and Parker roads.

In the meantime, the family will happily collect your toy donations at both locations, making the holidays a lot brighter for many youngsters in need.

As for me, I’d like to give a big community thank you to the Crespi family and their customers for being a perfect definition of what our magazine is about – inspired by community.