Tips to Refresh and Renew Your Home

Simple Changes can Make a Real Difference

Well, we made it. The busy days of the holidays are behind us. Our guests have left, the holiday decor has been put away and the only evidence of those big holiday meals you cooked are on the scale. Or at least that is where mine is.

You had spent days, maybe weeks, making your home beautiful and welcoming for the holidays. You researched Pinterest and every catalogue filled with to-die-for pictures of perfect holiday rooms. Now, it’s just a memory. All that remains is the faint glow of glitter dust and random pine needles. Does it seem empty? Or do you appreciate this clean slate?

For me, February is a time for a fresh eye in the home. Things have been moved around, misplaced, scattered from their normal resting places. Those frames I always put by that candle near that stack of books have been separated and now look so different individually.

When I work with clients, especially after a heavy decorating time like the holidays, the first thing we do is clear the room. Not the big heavy furniture or items that “must stay where they are.”  This is more about accessorizing.

We remove the decor items, lamps and art. Sometimes a bit of rearranging can occur too. We determine if we still like the flow of the room. Maybe we had moved a chair for the tree and now we like where that chair is. Play with it. There are great online tools for room arrangements if you need a visual.

Can any artwork be changed? Maybe that wall of fame needs a little frame change? After you feel good about the basics in the room, which I call “the black dress,” it’s time for the fun stuff, the “jewelry.” This is an opportunity to mix it up.

What greenery do you have that can transition with natural elements and creams and whites to feel winter fresh? Miss the look of nature after your trees are gone? Add berry branches, sticks (spray paint them white for a gold star achievement award) and pine cones around the house in displays.

Look at your accessories again and ask yourself “would I buy that today if I had the choice?”  Does it look tired or do you still love it?  If you still love it, great!  If not, pass it to someone else or donate it and shop for something new around your house or a store.

If you had a bazillion holiday pillows out like me, are you missing that?  Do we need to borrow from another room? Add a lighter throw on the sofa or chair for some brightness. How about changing the candles to creams and whites? I have even flipped my curtains to the bright white lining side to add some brightness to my room for a while. Sounds crazy, but it worked.

We can use these tips for all rooms in the home. For the bedroom, mix up the bedding and add bright comfy layers with a new blanket folded at the end. Even just one pillow with a bold statement makes it feel transformed. In the bathrooms, adding crisp white towels and a candle or accessory will change the space.

February is a great time to think re-fresh and re-new.  Go have some fun with your “fresh eye” and enjoy your home.

As the owner of JDuce Design in Parker, Jessica Duce offers design consulting, staging and shopping services. For more information, visit her website at