May 2016 Our Town 4

Treasures Among Us

“Life will be your treasure box filled with …” as the Nora Roberts 
quote begins.

Fast forward 100 years from now and consider what others could learn about you by unearthing ordinary objects that some would coin as trash and others treasure. Ironically, this scenario is unfolding before our very eyes during the rehabilitation of The Schoolhouse in downtown Parker.

Built in 1915, this historic landmark is being brought back to its former glory, made possible in part by a grant from Colorado History’s State Historic Fund.  Owned by the Town of Parker and formerly called the Mainstreet Center, The Schoolhouse promises to be an even greater gem upon completion.

From a K-12 school and a local church to a community and arts center, The Schoolhouse’s colorful history will continue to be uncovered as the restoration project continues through 2017. Upon completion, the building will then provide additional community gathering spaces in downtown Parker’s Creative District.

As crew members carefully work to maintain the aesthetics of the era with the use of modern building materials, they have uncovered many great finds that paint a picture of the building’s use throughout the years.

“We have been finding things behind and underneath,” says Paul Matosky of Wattle and Daub Contractors.

Among the relics that have been discovered are a 1910 Patch Pocket, buckle-back from Stall & Dean, est. 1898 baseball catcher’s glove; a tin cup; a student’s daily reader; the word “Parker” in metal letters; old shoes; candy wrappers; a wood piece that was part of a music stand; a piece of a pot belly stove; a glass vase; erasers and small toys.

So as this historical beacon rich in stories, community and culture is brought back to a time gone by, take a moment to pause and ask yourself: “What object would speak volumes about my life, my hopes or my dreams?” Would it be an ordinary object or a rarity? Would it be a piece of technology or a sentimental item? In the meantime, stay tuned for the continuing historical journey of the old school with a new chapter.