Fly Fishing Near Minturn 7

Catch and Release

If your family wants an exciting day catching fish on a river, look no farther than Minturn.  Located just past Vail, the town’s population has slightly more than 1,000 residents but offers plenty of opportunity for an incredible family outing.

Minturn Anglers is a guide-owned company that has permission for you to catch fish in 30 different watersheds throughout Colorado’s mountains, including the Eagle River, Colorado River, Roaring Fork, South Platte River (Dream Stream, Deckers, Urban) and Blue River. The Minturn Anglers team works 365 days a year in all weather conditions and has gained the reputation of catching some very large trout.

Matt Sprecher, owner of Minturn Anglers, knows that every customer will be satisfied. “We have changed the industry in Colorado by merely offering the highest standard of service for all our customers. No matter their age or experience level, we handpick each and every guide to ensure that we offer the best experience while fishing with us. In addition to our convenient store locations (including one in Parker) and variety of gear, our array of guided trips and access to water with Colorado’s largest and well-versed guide staff will remind you that your fishing adventure is in good hands.”

Minturn Anglers’ guide Blake Knisely truly enjoys his job. “It allows me to combine one of my life’s biggest passions with my career. I enjoy getting other people on fish almost more than I enjoy catching them myself.  I love seeing that smile on someone’s face who’s just landed their first trout on a fly rod.”

Whether you are an expert or beginner, a guided trip will surely give your group an enjoyable day. Even the experienced fisherman will grab some tips from these guides.

Knisely reiterates the helpfulness of having a guide, “It’s important to have a guide because your time is usually limited, whether you’re on vacation or a weekend warrior.  Even as a skilled angler on a river that you don’t know intimately, a guide will know exactly what needs to be done to catch fish on the particular day.  Rather than spending most or all of the time you have to fish trying to figure out where the fish are and what bugs to throw, your guide will streamline this process and maximize your time spent on the water.  Guides (with boats) have the necessary tools to approach the river most effectively, both floating and wading. Lastly, fly fishing is a lifelong learning process where any angler, regardless of experience, learns something new almost every day (casting, technique, entomology, fish behavior). You will learn something new from almost every guide trip you take, which can be invaluable in the long run.”

If you need even more tips, think about honing your skills at Minturn’s wade guide school, float guide school, 2-day rowing or fly fishing school and even free fly fishing lessons.

If you’d like to venture outside of Colorado, destination trips include Idaho, Alaska, Washington, New York and even South America. Also a hunter? Minturn Anglers’ team offers guided trips for duck hunts, goose hunts and elk hunts.

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