Happy to be Part of the Team

When Brad and Corrinn Howard took over Parker Lifestyle earlier this year, I had limited availability. My parents, who live in Arizona, were dealing with some health issues, so I knew I needed to have flexibility in my schedule.

As editor of the magazine for the previous year, I knew I couldn’t continue in that same capacity. So I want to give a special thanks to Brad and Corrinn for working with me and finding a way that I could continue to be a part of this great publication.

I am now working as the assistant editor, which means that I edit the copy and contribute articles on a regular basis. It allows me to spend fewer hours working on the magazine.

But that doesn’t change how I feel about Parker Lifestyle. It is so different than all the others publications that are delivered to Parker mailboxes.

First and foremost, Parker Lifestyle offers way more than advertisements and coupons. It contains 50 percent local news. That’s a lot of news about you and your neighbors that you might not find anywhere else.

In fact, an article that I wrote for this June issue is about a Parker family that has three generations living here. I came up with this story idea more than a year ago, when I first met with Tom and Melissa O’Malley of Affinity Photography. You might recognize their names. They provide a lot of photos for us.

When I met with them in 2015, Tom told me his parents and his brother all live in Parker. At the time, I thought their family might make a great Father’s Day piece some day. I never forgot that thought.

I hope you enjoy reading about the three generations of O’Malleys, as well as all of the other wonderful features, briefs and calendar items that Corrinn and I worked hard on to give you a good picture of life in Parker.