June 2016 Renovate & Refine

Outdoor Style 
for Your Indoors

Awww, summer. Finally. After the snowfalls of this winter and spring, it’s nice to have our sunshine state back.

June is such a great month. We’ve planted our flowers, cushions are on the outdoor chairs, the fire pit is ready and deck evenings are calling us. We know that a long stretch of good weather has finally arrived, so let’s enjoy our outdoor oasis wherever it is.

As much as I love my outdoor space, I still want my indoor space to have that spring/summer organic feel that I am looking for outside. I know that my job is to see everything as a decorating opportunity, but there is an actual science to it as well.

In the book, Environmental Interiors, authors Mary Jo Weale and James W. Croake explain that the way we enjoy our habitat is based on the senses. When we are outside, we enjoy the smells, sounds, touch and tastes associated with nature. Our home’s interior offers the same “senses” in a different way. Eyes see pattern, color and light. Our noses smell fresh flowers, grass or candles. The ears sense conversation, birds, music or quiet. We want those senses stimulated inside or out.

So, there it is. My justification for decorating inside and out. Seems legitimate. Either way, you will love it. Trust me.

Feeling inspired? Let’s use a few suggestions to carry this great weather feeling inside and out:

  • Change a centerpiece to candles in lanterns with rocks as the base. Add some moss for interest. Clay pots with sand inside are perfect candle holders for tea lights on the kitchen table. Plant grass in small containers and place them around the house for additional greenery.
  • A strawberry pot is useful as a utensil holder or storage container in the kitchen. It’s unexpected and adds a spot of color with outdoor whimsy.
  • You may not need a fire indoors, but stacked logs (my favorite is birch) at your fireplace with timer candles look amazing. Gas fireplace? Stack the logs upright in a metal container or vintage-looking bucket next to the fireplace.
  • Watering cans in a cluster of all shapes, sizes and colors make great arrangements for above a bookcase, a mantle or a long shelf.
  • Artificial plants still in your house? You can switch them out with cut branches from your trees or sticks from your local nursery. No fake flowers. Get as organic as you can.
  • Your garden boots or rain boots look great sitting by the door, especially if they are a bright color.

All these suggestions incorporate those senses we yearn for and enjoy when we are outside. Make your home habitat inside and out as comfortable as you can in the most natural way.