July 2016 Parting Thoughts

Repurpose It Just For Fun

It is July! The weather is fabulous, we celebrate our independence and we want yard games. Who doesn’t love hanging out with friends and family and enjoying some relaxation and mild competition?

If you are looking for something to do with your children, or even just for you, how about a simple DIY project for you to brag about? Maybe a good old-fashioned ring toss that looks pinterest-o-rific.

At my house, we have some leftover wine bottles that we can get creative with. But you can use whatever type of bottle you want. You just need to make sure the rings can fit over the top.

What You Will Need

• A wooden crate or box; preferably old looking for a rustic or vintage appearance.

• Depending on the size of the crate, you will need six to 12 bottles.

• You will also need cabone rings; sold at a craft store, typically in the knitting/crochet section. There are multiple sizes; I prefer the 2 inch so that I can wrap them (we will get to bonus points in a moment).

• Spray paint for the bottles can be found at the hardware/home supply store. Krylon and Rustoleum both have a great spray paint for glass. I prefer Krylon.

• Lastly, and this is purely bonus points only, you can choose a twine that you like to wrap the rings. This will also require spray-on glue.

Wrapping the rings gives it the cute-i-fied, I-am-so-skilled look. This final touch will not affect the strategy of the game for you die-hard competitors, in case you were concerned.

Now It’s Time to Create

Wash and completely dry your bottles. Turn them upside down for the job. You can prop them with a box and nails to keep them erect for spraying.

Spray two to three coats as evenly as possible. After the last coat, allow the bottles to completely dry (cure) for 24 hours. Don’t cheat on the time; they really do need the full 24 hours for dry time.

You can spray paint the cabone rings in team colors as well. Same idea as the bottles, with the 24-hour cure time.

If you are going for the bonus round, you will need the twine. Start the wrapping of your twine with a dab from a hot glue gun. Then spray the ring with the spray-on glue as you wrap. Spray, then wrap for a while, then spray again. Continue this process until you have a wrapped ring. Trim the twine and seal the end on the ring with another dab from the hot glue gun. Allow to set for an hour or two.

Other options to make it your own are decorating the sides of your crate with stencils, stickers, chalkboard paint, children’s handprints with paint, etc. Did I mention this makes a great gift as well?

Your hard work has paid off. You now have your homemade ring toss game. You should be proud. Feeling like you should go pro now? Next time try making life-size Connect-four. Or just grab a chilled beverage and enjoy your new game. Happy July! For more ideas, visit JDuceDesign.com.