Digital Solutions for Your Business

Team of Experts Drives Results

DoBizLo is an integrated co-op system designed for the digital age. Headquartered in Greenwood Village, the company aims to leverage data, community and technology to help promote smaller, local businesses to customers. DoBizLo offers a calculated solution as an answer to all those questions business owners ask themselves.

  • How do I reach and keep customers?
  • How do I draw customers without heavy discounts?
  • How do I know what is and is not effective?
  • How do I manage my brand?

DoBizLo strives to help businesses manage the chaos by providing disciplined data deployment in a digital age.

We bring the tools the Big Businesses use to Local, Small Businesses and more.

The Co-Op System

The co-op environment increases a business’ reach and never puts it in direct competition with similar companies. The system also allows businesses to share customers effectively, without having to share data. DoBizLo has more than 500,000 community email subscribers who will receive information and offers from participating businesses. This email list allows businesses to connect with their community and reach more local customers.

DoBizLo Analytics

The analytics provided by DoBizLo are privatized to create a desired digital footprint and prevent data leakage. The DoBizLo digital strategy of privatizing data and using the co-op system has been proven time and time again. The patented outreach strategy allows businesses to reach customers in their own backyards who were not aware of products and services being offered. The secure access portal allows businesses to access their data without risking any breaches.

DoBizLo Reach

Social media and DoBizLo Pods are used to help businesses reach new potential customers. Companies joining the DoBizLo co-op benefit by receiving user engagement tracking reports, managed databases and content deployment that is relevant to their businesses. In fact, DoBizLo creates custom emails, and mobile and social media content using offers, announcements and coupons. The multiple channels expand reach that is relevant to each company.

7-Step Strategy

The DoBizLo 7-step discipline strategy focuses on analysis and transparency to provide businesses with structure and service. Transparent and ongoing consultation provides a close, working relationship to ensure an optimal marketing effort. The Facebook posts, emails, texts, coupons and announcements are created and deployed for businesses to help drive foot traffic. With the DoBizLo systems and programs, businesses will be able to stop counting sheep and start counting customers instead.