From Painting to Singing 
(and Everything in Between)...

Whether you are a novice, professional or an observer of art, it’s clear to see that our art community is thriving. From our Concerts in the Park every Sunday this month to Parker Artists Guild’s ART in the PARK the weekend of the 27th and 28th, you are certain to find something that reminds you how alive our arts community is.

If you’re looking for something sweet, try the Honey Festival on Sunday, Aug. 7. If a competition is up your alley, check out the robotics competitors on Saturday, Aug. 20. Or if it’s a casual evening that fancies you, hang out at the PACE Patio Party on Wednesday, Aug. 31, or meander through downtown for a Wine Walk on Friday, Aug. 26, which give you the opportunity to enjoy some great music and wonderful art while enjoying some grapes. Or if you’re really adventurous, take a dance class and learn to waltz, tango or swing!

In this issue, we find that there are many artists who are passionate about their work and their community as a place to represent their hobbies, their work and their lifestyle. This passion not only exists within our artists, but is a characteristic of the great residents that live, work, play and do business here. Look around and find something that you haven’t experienced – our choices are plenty.

We hope that you will find inspiration and learn about the ways in which you can discover more about our local artists in our community and be involved in the arts as Parker continues to grow. And remember to appreciate the art in and around our town – from our resident artists to the person making a gift that means more than money can ever buy.

Corrinn Howard, Editor