Just A Perfect Day 2

y passion for photography comes from my father, who gave me my first camera in England, when I was 9 years old. I’ve enjoyed shooting all over the world since then. Our family traveled every year – around Great Britain or overseas, to mainland Europe, Mediterranean islands or South Africa. I went on school trips to Austria, Germany, Israel, and journeyed around Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe before starting university. I studied theology in England and France, visited school friends in Russia and Luxembourg, then trained as an accountant, working in Switzerland, India and the USA. Finally, I settled in Parker in 2008, with my own new family.

With the abundant sunshine and clear skies in Colorado, I love to spend time behind my camera, capturing the life around us. Even the smallest creatures are beautiful, living their short lives quietly in our busy world.

Since becoming a mom, I love to work with young children. I also enjoy photographing the elderly. Every person has a story to tell. I relish the challenge of capturing the spirit and character of a person or a family.

My family members around the world treasure our memories in photos from good times together and cherish old pictures of the generations before us. My mission is to produce portraits that families will share with loved ones and pass down to their children and grandchildren. It is important for me to connect with the families I work with. The best pictures come out of the most fun, relaxed sessions, with friends who become clients and clients who become friends.

I enable people who have a message to share with our community and endeavor to find ways in which I can help those in need. My childhood desire to “change the world” has not been dampened yet. This year, I reached out to Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver to create portraits for Habitat families and provide marketing images to our local branch of this global nonprofit.

I’m located in Belmont House in Parker’s Creative District at 19753 East Pikes Peak Ave. Suite 102.