Kissed by the Sun 2

An Artist’s Look at Sunflowers

It was a cool August morning before dawn. The journey to the sunflower patch was not a short excursion. While rounding the last corner of the tired dirt road, the first glimpse of pre-dawn light appeared upon the far-reaching field.

The bright yellow faces of the flowers began to rise as if to salute the sun. The morning dew lay quietly on each petal while waiting patiently for the sun to soak up each drop of moisture. As the sun began its ascent into the wild blue yonder, each sunflower stood at attention reaching higher and higher. It was like a symphony where the musicians raise their instruments simultaneously as instructed by their conductor.

Each delicate flower was sun-kissed as the petals met the warmth of the fiery yellow ball. As the intensity of the reds and oranges appeared in the east, the reflection of light towards the western sky painted a dramatic scene of purple and blue hues.

At that moment, it becomes a visual feast; a moment to take in the beauty and enjoy. Creative energies begin to make decisions. Broad panoramic shots or macro-photography?

Capturing the glistening yellow flowers as the sun hits each petal perfectly. Turning on a dime to capture the unveiling of magnificent back-lit flowers. Swiftly working like a skilled surgeon to change camera settings. Looking. Absorbing. Clicking. Breathing. The morning light was phenomenal as it danced playfully across the sun-drenched field. An artist must work quickly as the perfect light disappears just as quickly as it arrives.

Denise Erwin is a life-long, self-taught photographer with a passion for all things visual. Her photo artistry includes black and white, shadows and light, macro-photography, performing arts photography, and a photo-journalistic approach to senior and family portraits, all while capturing a moment in time. Her interests include re-purposing old furniture, hiking, kicking the tires of classic cars and always taking the road less traveled. Erwin’s work can be found at