The 5-Minute Centerpiece 4

Colorful Arrangements to Brighten Your Home

My grandmother always had a fresh flower arrangement on the dining room table.  She actually had a weekly, scheduled delivery so she was never without.  I still remember the inviting aroma of fresh flowers in her home every time we came for Sunday dinner. Great memories, but different times.

Today, my life is more like “do we have anything for dinner tonight?” and “are there any clean socks?” Life is more survival mode when juggling family, kids, work, life, friends, etc. Like I really have time for a floral arrangement? Seriously?

Well, I have a quick hack that makes me feel like a super mom-Pinterest star – and it’s done in 5 minutes.  Really, it is that easy.

Items needed: mason jar, recyclable water bottle, scissors, flowers (any kind) and filler (lemons, limes, corn, dry beans, dry peas, whatever you like).

When I do the grocery shopping, I always check the floral department for the clearance bin. Typically, every week there is a bundle that is greatly reduced, which is perfect. Grab those cheap flowers. Or if you are lucky enough, pick them from your yard.

I always have mason jars on hand. I think they are pretty awesome for just about everything. Next, the standard 16.9 fluid ounce water bottle, which is everywhere, fits inside the standard mason jar perfectly for this hack. I feel confident you can find scissors.

Lastly, the filler. The pictures show you limes, lemons and dried peas. Really, whatever you have is great. You could use sand, and it would be cute.

Cut the top of the water bottle so that it fits inside the mason jar, but so you cannot see that there is a water bottle. Just line it up with the top of the jar and cut about a 1/2 inch below jar height. The water bottle is actually your vase. Put the empty water bottle in your mason jar. Slice your lemons or limes (or whatever you chose) and insert them in between the plastic bottle and the jar. They should be snug, but you should be able to adjust them up and down. Put as many in as you can all around, while still keeping the integrity of the water bottle.

Put your flowers in the water bottle – which is inside the mason jar already – and add water to the jar. Try to not let the water you add to the lemon/lime part get into the water bottle. It will hurt the flowers.

Bonus points: tie a little ribbon or burlap at the top.

Viola – you now have a beautiful arrangement that took minutes and looks great. It will last about a week.

I made these for a bride’s prenuptial dinner. They are great, budget-friendly centerpieces for picnics, birthdays, weddings, or like my Grandma, Sunday dinner with the family.


Jessica Duce

JDuce Design