Mrs. Parker 2017 3

Local Pageant Queen Inspired to Evoke Change

As Mrs. Parker 2017, Stacey James is a successful business woman who has her hands full serving with multiple charities. Her journey to the Mrs. Colorado America stage is largely fueled by a burning motivation to give back to her community.

She is the owner of Stacey James Salons and Spa near Parker’s Stonegate neighborhood. She opened the salon when her daughter earned her license as an aesthetician in 2010. James was already an experienced stylist, and they wanted to work as a team. When she had trouble finding qualified stylists, she decided to open her own beauty school. Hence, the Stacey James Institute was born.

“It was one way I felt I could give back to the community. I saw a need and knew I could fill it.”

James’ success has been a combination of hard work and good fortune, and she knows she has been blessed. She continually sees an opportunity to exercise her generosity, and it was the Mrs. Colorado America pageant that impressed her when she was looking for another way to make an impact.

“Some people have said to me, ‘you’re going to make a difference with or without a crown,’ and that’s true. But people pay a little more attention when you call up and say, ‘I’m Mrs. Parker’,” says James.

The decision to compete did not come easily, however. After losing 110 pounds, James realized an internal transformation had also taken place. Although she had always been a generous person, she began to see more clearly that giving to her community was what made her happy.

Each year, she donates eight gift baskets loaded with salon products and gift cards, which are used for silent auctions and prizes for charity events.

Throughout the year, she provides hair and nail services to women who are trying to get back on their feet by partnering with SECOR, a ministry of Southeast Christian Church.

She is passionate about the non-profit organization Mission 22. “With a military background, it’s near and dear to me. I was shocked that the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in our veterans leads to 22 suicides per day in this country.” Currently, she provides funding, “but I’m planning on making appearances. I’d like to do more, I believe it’s a huge crisis. I’d like to embrace the veterans.”

When asked if she would take the chance to live somewhere else, she replies brightly, “I’ve been here for 20 years and feel like my roots are here.”

James and her husband have been married for as long as she’s been in Parker, and they’ve raised their blended family of five here. “My husband and I always wanted to have roots somewhere. It was funny because after a few years here, our internal military-brat clocks said, ‘it’s time to pick up and leave!’ But we stayed, and we’ve lived a happy life here.”

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