Powder Play

Acura MDX Snowmobile Trailer Adventure

It’s finally time for winter adventures. So when the fabulous team at Mile High Acura provided the exciting opportunity to drive a 2017 Acura MDX with their trademark Super Handling (SH) All Wheel Drive, and to use it to tow a snowmobile trailer thanks to the helpful folks at Parker Trailers, the only answer was “yes, please!”

Driving the MDX, with and without the trailer, was pure pleasure. Well laid out, intuitive design lends itself spectacularly to an enjoyable and impressive experience. The first things I noticed were a quiet ride and push-button controls for transmission settings, which allow for dynamically different gearing and suspension in Normal, Comfort, or Sport modes. Fully customizable comfort and climate control are part of the luxurious, upgraded Advance package, including heated front and second-row seats, ventilated front seats and 10-way power seats for both driver and front passenger.

Not to exclude your visual and auditory senses, the On-Demand Multi-Use Display Touch Screen makes all of your music, Acura-Link Real-Time navigation, and technology features accessible and practical with everything clearly marked and logically organized. 20-inch alloy wheels and strikingly attractive Jewel Eye LED headlights, LED fog lights and puddle lights along with a bold front grill make the MDX altogether sleek, stylish, and appealing.

Now, let’s get to that trailer. Exceptionally easy to back up to with the MDX Multi-View rear camera with dynamic guidelines, the staff at Parker Trailer made sure that the trailer hitch, receiver and ball were safely and securely mounted, and the cherry red, aluminum, single-axle snowmobile trailer attached smoothly and quickly. With a 2014 Polaris snowmobile occupying one of the two spaces inside for weight distribution, towing experience, and handling purposes, I was off and running.

Towing this trailer was surprisingly easy with the MDX, with a 3.5-liter, 290-horsepower V6 engine with variable cylinder management and a 3,500 lb. towing capacity never labored or missed a beat in both city and highway driving. The trailer was taller and wider than the MDX, whose side mirrors adjusted handily for optimal visibility while towing.

We took the whole rig up to the Conifer area, a popular region for snowmobiling. Beautiful winding roads, changing regularly in elevation, gave us the opportunity to experience towing up and down hills. When we returned, unhooking the trailer was equally smooth and simple.

It’s time to get the cold weather toys out to where the powder is! With a little help from Parker Trailers and Mile High Acura, you’ll be well on your way. It’s a perfect pairing.