What Makes Scents 4

H2Design Candles combines 
aesthetically pleasing antique home decor with a variety of scents—scrapping traditional glass containers for vintage finds.


When Holly Hamilton planned her wedding three years ago, she had an idea to repurpose all the containers used in her rustic ceremony but wasn’t quite sure how. It was Hamilton’s daughter who suggested she learn how to make candles as a hobby. Instead of throwing away the containers, she made a profit selling candles to friends and family.

It wasn’t until she visited a local estate sale that Hamilton solidified her vintage style and created H2Design Candles.

“All of my vintage pieces have been purchased at estate sales, antique stores and thrift stores,” Hamilton says. She also offers refill services so her customers can continue using the same vintage find over and over again with new scents.

H2Design Candles uses highly scented soy wax for every candle made. From varieties like bamboo white grapefruit to oakmoss amber, Hamilton says she is always working on new scents for each season. She currently carries over 30 varieties to choose from.

“Starting with premium ingredients is always key to producing this quality product,” Hamilton says.

Soy wax burns at a lower temperature which is slower than other waxes on the market, so Hamilton’s soy candles get more burn time for the money.

“The wax is made from crushed soybeans, which are a renewable resource,” Hamilton says. “I like the idea of supporting soybean farmers.”

You can find H2Design Candles at various flea markets throughout the year and at Unlisted in Centennial or The Emporium in Castle Rock.