Repair 1

How McCracken Eye and Face Institute turned around one man’s life and gave him confidence.

Most of his life, David Stouder had a thick, wavy head of hair. But at 50, he decided he wanted to do something about his thinning hairline. “I needed a touch up,” Stouder says. “I’m married to a younger woman and I didn’t want people thinking I’m her father,” he jokes. 

He is also a successful salesman for their thriving family business, meeting with new people on a daily basis. “I know that hair loss, for a lot of people, really affects their personal status—how confident you feel in yourself. It’s unfortunate, but people see you differently,” he admits.

Stouder found the solution at the McCracken Eye and Face Institute in Parker. Dr. McCracken provides NeoGraft, a relatively new procedure that restores hair to areas of hair loss. Dr. McCracken provides the procedure in his Parker office. The entire process is done on an outpatient basis, in six to eight hours, and is equally effective for men and women.

The technical name for NeoGraft is Follicular Unit Extraction. Hair follicles are removed in their naturally occurring groupings of 1-4 hairs from the bottom portion of the scalp, then transplanted into areas of hair loss. There are no staples or stitches, no scalpels, and minimal discomfort. “One of the most exciting things about NeoGraft is that it does not involve a long incision across the bottom of the scalp,” McCracken says, as other methods of hair restoration often do. Recovery time is also brief, lasting about one week.

During the procedure, Dr. McCracken and his team were careful to ensure the technicians had provided enough localized anesthetic. “They were good about checking in with me.” Stouder says the pain was very minimal.

In his case, 500 follicles were harvested and replaced, although the procedure can involve up to 2000 follicles for some patients.

Stouder was impressed with Dr. McCracken’s process, “The way it was done,” he says, “they make it very natural. They make sure it’s age-appropriate,” he says, referring to some celebrities who have had work done that resulted in an unnatural-looking hairline. “You don’t want to look like you’ve had something done.”

Stouffer’s reaction now that the healing is complete and the hair regrowth begun? “Really happy, my gosh, wow, it’s there again!”

And he isn’t the only one thrilled with the results. “My wife calls me ‘the silver fox,’ Stouder says with a hint of pride.