Denver’s Own Hip-Hop Group Gives Voice to Today’s Movements

Denver’s own alternative hip-hop group THE FLOBOTS have been making music together since 2000. After releasing their first major-label album Fight with Tools in 2007, the hit single “Handlebars” pushed them into the national music spotlight. Since then, they’ve completed two other albums and are now in the middle of producing a third, titled NOENEMIES

Both a social movement and an album, NOENEMIES aims to give musical voice to today’s social movements in a way that is not divisive, but instead humanizing and accepting. Since production on NOENEMIES began, the Flobots have led workshops to protest the rise of RTD fares, advocate for a $15 minimum wage and bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Coming to The PACE Center in April, the band’s musical social movement will involve, well, movement. American dance company Wonderbound, long known for bringing dance to underserved communities including the elderly, the homeless and low-income school children, will bring the Flobots’ lyrical stylings to their uber-inspired choreography in “Divisions,” set to perform two nights in April at the PACE Center in Parker.

“This is an opportunity to stretch ourselves creatively,” says Stephen ‘Brer Rabbit’ Brackett, one of the Flobots’ lead vocalists. “When you’re working with artists as brilliant as the artists at Wonderbound, there are only opportunities. I’ve lost sleep over how excited I am about this collaboration!”

The Flobots-Wonderbound collaboration “Divisions” runs April 14-April 30 at the PACE Center and will explore topics ranging from identity struggles in society to the roles dance and music have played in past social movements. With the collaboration of the Flobots and Wonderbound, two groups who are “walking the walk” in both their approach and ideals, this performance is one not to be missed.