The Albert Vein Institute - Setting the Standard for Vein Care

The Albert Vein Institute, founded by Dr. James D. Albert, is the first and only institute in Colorado that has been nationally recognized as an IAC Accredited Vein Center (Intersocietal Accreditation Commission). The institute has been designed around Dr. Albert’s unique vision to create a center entirely focused on venous diseases. With this vision in mind, The Albert Vein Institute offers innovative, minimally-invasive treatment options in state of the art medical facilities.

Dr. Albert began his medical career as a cardiovascular surgeon, which provided him with much of the technical expertise that has made the Albert Vein Institute into what it is today. As Dr. Albert explains, “Right now, nobody is born into phlebology – everyone comes from another specialty.” The diverse backgrounds of those practicing phlebology have both assets and drawbacks. In Dr. Albert’s case, his background as a cardiovascular surgeon has been an incredible advantage. Equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform much more complicated procedures than those required in the field of phlebology, patients can rest assured that they are in good hands. However, Dr. Albert warns that patients should be aware of the experience and background of the person they choose to see for venous care. Because the field of phlebology is so new, practicing physicians are not required to have any surgical experience, but only pass a written exam. Though venous surgeries today are very minimally invasive, complications can still occur if the surgeries are performed without adequate expertise and training.

Another thing that makes the Albert Vein Institute’s practice so credible is that the team works as a unit, traveling together back and forth between their Denver and Colorado Springs locations to ensure the quality of their work is uncompromised. Dr. Albert is the only physician at the facility and he personally performs all the procedures. In addition, the AVI team not only ensures that the treatments themselves are as high quality as possible, but the institute also makes sure that patients return for follow-up appointments annually to ensure that any signs of recurrence are addressed preventatively, before the patient needs another procedure.

In short, the Albert Vein Institute has been working hard to set the standard. In an emerging medical field without many guidelines, Dr. Albert and his institute are helping pave the way for more consistent, reliable care that addresses all aspects of venous health.