It’s a good time to be a girl.

It’s June and the perfect time to say thank you to all the men in our lives. Dads, husbands, brothers, sons, best friends.

While I ponder the men in my life who have meant so much, I’m feeling particularly sentimental about my friend and mentor Stuart, whom I met some 20-plus years ago on a Washington D.C. metro bus that ran from the Pentagon to our respective downtown jobs. Stuart today is 91 years old, still drives every day to his oh-so-important job at the U.S. State Department, and still indulges in the risks and rewards that have led him to become somewhat of a real estate magnate. Most notably, he still devotes himself every day to his adoring family, friends and colleagues.

Despite his busy life, Stuart has always had time for me, and for my family. He was there the day I started (and quit) my first job, the day I got married, the day we bought our first house, the day my first daughter Taryn was born. Stuart, who wrote my recommendation letter for grad school, and whom years later is writing letters for my daughter’s applications to colleges. Stuart, who has believed in me through my entrepreneurial pursuits, evolving dreams, successes and failures, and professional (and personal) reinventions. I dedicate this month to you, Stuart, and to all the other Stuarts out there — all the men who are in each of our lives, whom we couldn’t live without. Well, we could, but the world would be a less joyful place.

It is in this spirit of gratitude that we celebrate our fine community’s Notable Men of 2017.

This year’s men of distinction include innovators, disruptors and leaders from a range of industries. From The Sportsman and The Architect, to The Artisan and The Visionary. We have The Literary Thought Leader, The Restauranteur and The Entrepreneur/Professional Fireman.

Like many of the wonderful men I know, these fine men who do so much for our community, in the ‘burbs and beyond, were glad to help do some mentoring themselves, by sharing their personal recipes for success, life balance, innovation, longevity and more. Please join me in celebrating this year’s Notable Men and celebrating all things men… one of the many Joys of June!



ON THE COVER Assorted items, the 2017 Men’s Issue shoot

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