Summer Golf Tips 6

Getting a Grip with Seth Zacks of The Club at Ravenna in Littleton

A beautiful Colorado summer brings with it the optimism of an improved golf game for many Colorado golfers. Whether you’re gearing up for a summer of tournaments or you just dusted the clubs off for a few weekend rounds, a proper grip is essential to a consistent golf swing and more accurate golf shots.

For the golfer that needs a foundational refresher, here are a few tips on how to properly hold the golf club. For amateur golfers, take these as great starting points and for the more advanced golfer, use them as valuable check points as you warm up your game for the summer.

1. Stabilize face with right hand

Before putting the left hand on the club in a hitting position, lets grab the club by the bottom of the grip with our right hand. This will stabilize the club face while we manipulate our hands.

2. Place the left hand on the club

The majority of the club should rest in the bottom four fingers. All four fingers should be touching. The left thumb should rest just on the right side of the club. The “V” in between your thumb and pointer should be pointed towards the right clavicle

3. Place right hand on the club

Rest or interlock right pinkie in between left pointer and middle finger. Let the remaining three fingers wrap around bottom of club. Right ring finger and middle finger should touch, while right pointer is just a bit separated down the shaft. The “V” in between your thumb and pointer should be pointed towards the right clavicle.

4. Grip pressure

Once the hand placement is correct, it is my preference to picture I am swinging a tube of toothpaste. You want to have a steady grip, but don’t want that toothpaste to squeeze out the top. Grip pressure is different for every golfer, but I have found great success with soft, steady pressure.

In review, get that left hand just on the right side of the club, have both V’s pointed toward the right clavicle, and make sure your grip pressure doesn’t result in toothpaste all over the floor. Once you master this neutral grip position, you will be set up for a great golf season.

BONUS TIP: With a long summer of golf approaching, it is important to have your clubs re-gripped and ready for play. For a golfer playing an average of 2 to 3 times per week, it is good to get your clubs re-gripped every 8 to 12 months.

Seth Zacks is Assistant Golf Professional at The Club at Ravenna in Littleton. For more information, visit