Chef Duy Pham 3

Parker Garage’s Architect of Fine Food

Main Street in downtown Parker is almost always alive with activity. Whether it’s a busy Friday night or a run-of-the-mill Wednesday afternoon, you can always find pedestrians milling about the boutiques or people enjoying a coffee as the world turns around them. One of Main Street’s best, not-so-hidden gems is the Parker Garage. While the name may suggest a more laid-back dining experience, the interior exudes a casual elegance that complements a creative, out-of-the-ordinary menu.

The magic behind the menu is Executive Chef Duy Pham. Chef Pham has spent many years in the restaurant business, but when he was younger he had set his sights on becoming an architect. Taking a summer job with Denver’s Le Petite Gourmet Catering, his talent for the culinary arts blossomed. From there, Pham moved up through the ranks at Denver favorites like The Normandy and Tante Louise where he was executive chef by age 24, followed by top slots at Denver epicurean hotspots Opal and Sushi Den. These days he finds his home in Parker, putting all his great experience into the Parker Garage’s eclectic menu, focused on contemporary American cuisine. 
Pham describes PG’s menu as “a melting pot, just like America.” He focuses not on what people would consider “American” food, but on “what’s popular in America right now.” For inspired dishes like Truffle Potato Gnocchi, Colorado Lamb Two Ways, and Honey Cilantro Lime Salmon, Pham delivers a solid farm-to-table experience by supporting local ranches and companies whenever possible. The result: a menu that will please the picky eaters (try the Grass Fed Burger and fries) and foodies (hint: Shrimp Ettoufée) alike. 
And when only a one-of-a-kind dinner will do, diners can arrange a chef’s tasting with Pham himself, where he’ll serve up a custom meal. Although he prefers at least a week’s notice for the chef’s tasting, short timelines inspire unique, delightful cuisine as well.