Step into the Light

Form, function and a whole 
‘lotta light inspire David Weekley Homes at Inspiration

Long before anyone actually moves into a David Weekley home, the team at David Weekley works to anticipate how the home will be used — the ways in which the family will move around the home, the potential purposes of different rooms, and how the home will continue to grow to meet the changing needs of the people who live in it.

How do they do this? When designing a home, David Weekley Homes keeps in mind their four main components of LifeDesign: sight lines, traffic patterns, room placement, and windows and light. By keeping the importance of sight lines in mind, designers can make spaces seem larger without actually increasing square footage.

Instead of fretting about how a design looks on paper, designers at David Weekley Homes try to anticipate how people will actually move around the home, what their traffic patterns will be like. They use rooms as transition spaces instead of hallways to make spaces feel larger and more open while at the same time ensuring that traffic patterns won’t interfere with the purpose of the space. Rooms are placed in areas that allow for smooth transitions while also keeping in mind the importance of having some spaces in which to congregate and some in which to retreat. And last but certainly not least, David Weekley Homes recognizes the importance of natural light and thinks carefully about window placement — both how the windows will help light the home and how views can make the exterior environment part of the interior environment, enlivening the space.

The company’s purpose, “Building Dreams, Enhancing Lives,” is embedded in everything David Weekley Homes strives for, from the different elements they consider when designing a home to the creative ways the company consistently finds to give back to their communities. Over the past 20 years, David Weekley Homes has donated more than $70 million to charitable causes, and employees have volunteered in a variety of ways — from building homes with Habitat for Humanity to collecting back-to-school supplies for low-income students.


See the newly staged David Weekley Homes in Inspiration Colorado, a new home community for growing families, 55+ adults, and everyone in between.