Your Photogenic Pet 3

iPhone Tips from a Pro

Our pets are family, and we love to photograph their memorable moments just as much as anyone else. But it’s not always easy to capture the true beauty of the moment on our iPhones. Here, a few tips for getting the best of your pet’s moments.

1. Be patient

Animals are so sensitive to our feelings. If you are getting frustrated or anxious, they will pick up on it, which can snowball into a negative association with your phone.  Take a break and take some deep breathes…  remember, this is supposed to be fun!

2. Look for the light

Animals are movers and shakers – the more light you have the better chance you have of getting a sharp image. Look for areas that are well lit and try to limit distracting shadows for the best capture.

3. Use a different shutter

The volume buttons on the phone and on your ear bud cord will trigger the shutter, much easier to use than the onscreen button. Especially if you are using the other hand to keep your pet’s attention.

4. Try burst mode

By holding the shutter button down (works for the volume buttons on your phone and ear buds too!) you can capture multiple frames.  Then simply go through and select the best shots.

5. Keep it simple

Be aware of things in the frame that take the focus away from your pet.  Remove clutter in advance and compose your shot so that tree isn’t growing out of your pet’s head!

6. Reward the behavior you want 

This goes back to basic dog training 101 – treat your dog when you get the behavior you want. Every time your pet looks at your phone, mark that behavior with praise and treat them. Eventually your pet will associate good things with getting his photo taken. Working on “stay” and “watch me” will be a huge help in getting shots of your pet!

7. Use their favorite things

Whether your dog is obsessed with tennis balls or treats, having his favorite thing in your hand can help keep the attention you need to get a great shot.  But don’t forget to give it to them eventually otherwise they’ll catch onto your game!


(Photo of Kristin by Graphique Fine Art Photography)