Making Your Way to 10K 5

Tips for success in training

1 Build your mileage – The biggest challenge of running is to actually start running! At first, running won’t be fun and your body will rebel. But I promise, it’s all about consistency. Make sure you’re running 2-3 days a week so your body and muscles can build up strength and endurance. Remember—it’s not about volume, it’s about making it a routine.

2 Run Easy – Make sure you don’t do all of your runs at your fastest pace. It’s important in training to have recovery runs and to do these at a slower pace, so our bodies can have time to recover in between our hard runs. Make sure to check your watch, and keep track of your pace to ensure you’re staying at a slow pace for recovery.

3 Run Fast – You might be thinking, “Wait, you just told me to run easy?”. Running easy is just as important as running fast, as our fast runs will help build speed. The best way to do this is to do interval workouts at a hard effort on a track, with a warm-up beforehand. For example, run easy for 10 minutes, then run 6 intervals in 30 seconds, with 2 minutes rest in between. By adding speed workouts into your routine once a week, you’ll notice a big improvement in your pacing.

4 Go Longer – If you’re new to running you’ll notice the hardest part can be adding mileage to your runs. The easiest way to build endurance for longer distances is to choose one day a week when you can do a long run. Try adding a half-mile each week to your long run to help build up to the race distance you’re training for.

5 Train with a Partner – You’ll either love or hate running with a partner, but it helps! There will be days you don’t want to run at all, and your partner will help push you through your workout. Training with a partner can also help test your fitness. Try holding a conversation while you run with a friend, and see how your endurance improves as you train. They can also hold you accountable on the days you’re dragging!

6 Negative Splits – The most important part about running a race is to focus on negative splits. Practice this on your long runs by trying to set an easy pace for the first half of your distance and then building into a faster pace towards the end. This will help you navigate your pace and save your energy for the finish.

7 Hydration – Make sure you hydrate! Not just with water, but with electrolytes. Many people only think to drink water while they run but it’s important for us to take in electrolytes and sodium to help replenish everything we lose when we sweat. Try out different sports-drink blends, and see what works best for your body. Do this well before race day so you don’t have any G.I. issues.

8Be Confident & Have Fun – Sometimes we start training for something and then start to feel nervous and set expectations in our head based on our training results. Try not to stress so much about the numbers on your watch. Remember all the hard work you put in, and go out there and have some fun!

WHERE TO STRUT YOUR STUFF (races in CO between Oct and Dec):

1. Rock N’ Roll Denver 5k, 10k, Half Marathon / October 15th – Civic Center Park

2. Pumpkin Pie 5k/10k / November 18th – City Park

3. Turkey Day 5k / November 23rd – Shea Stadium Highlands Ranch,

4. Santa Stampede 5k/10k / December 16th – Hudson Gardens Littleton,

5. Christmas Carol Classic 5k/10k / December 23 – City Park Denver