Feeling Good, Being Well

It seems everywhere we turn we hear about wellness, but what does it really mean?

A current study underway at the Stanford Prevention Research Center is setting out to learn just that.

Their WELL initiative will study more than 30,000 people over many years to identify what factors help people maintain health and wellness. So far, researchers have interviewed more than 100 people from different ethnic backgrounds in Santa Clara County. When asked about times they recall as particularly high or low in terms of their own well-being, they all responded within 10 different “domains” of well-being:

  • social connectedness
  • lifestyle behaviors
  • stress and resilience
  • emotional health
  • physical health
  • meaning and purpose
  • sense of self
  • finances
  • spirituality
  • exploration and creativity

This month, in our annual “Feel Good” issue, we tried to touch on as many of these markers as we could to help you enhance your own wellness as you drink in these golden days of October.

From the social connectedness you’ll find at your local farmers market (“Fall+Farm+Fresh,” p.14) to the emotional and physical health that can be unlocked by essential oils (“How, What and Why—A Primer on Essential Oils,” p.18) and the the creativity involved in hosting a fall dinner party (“Day of the Dead Dinner Party,” p. 28.). Here’s to you as you embrace the many facets of your wellbeing this month.

Happy October!