Double Angel Ball Park

A legacy of love for young athletes in Parker

The human spirit instinctively strives to create meaning, especially when faced with heart-breaking tragedy. 

That’s what Ken and Bambi Dixey did after their two youngest boys tragically died from carbon monoxide poisoning while swimming off the deck of a houseboat in 2000. The boys, Logan and Dillon, were avid baseball players, so it was natural for the Dixeys to connect that passion to their boys’ legacy.

“We had this money from people who had donated and were asking if there was a cause they should give to,” said Ken, a dentist who is now semi-retired. “We started talking about doing a little baseball field with the donations.”

The Parker Water District provided them with 40 acres along the Reuter Hess Reservoir, enough for five fields, and a company designed the fields for them. In 2006, the Double Angel Baseball Stadium became a reality, with two fields: Dillon Field and Logan Field.

The Dixeys have since opened the door for professional management to step in, and Marc Fabaro took the reigns. Fabaro launched the non-profit, Gameday Baseball, in 2012 to provide a venue to integrate character, excellence and Christian faith through the game of baseball. After taking over the management of Double Angel, he was able to add a 30,000-square-foot dome to the park called the Bubble, an indoor training facility where players can get a full workout, hit homers and catch fly balls.  

In the meantime, the Dixeys have continued the legacy by creating scholarship programs through the Double Angel Foundation, which includes post-secondary and baseball scholarships. The program is relatively new. “We really want to get the word out,” says Karen Dunkel, manager of the Double Angel Foundation. “We’d like to give one to a student from each of the four high schools in Parker.”

The next time you’re driving down Chambers Road and pass the Double Angel intersection, you might remember with gratitude a steadfast family who, through tragedy, triumphed to build a place for us all to come together, a place where young people can learn today and grow toward a strong future. 

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