November 2017 Lifestyle Letter

With Gratitude

The word gratitude comes up a lot these days, especially in yoga class. I’ll admit I used to hear the yoga instructor talk about gratitude as an “intention,” and I’d immediately think, “Oh yes, I need to be grateful today!” Cross-legged on my mat, I’d send a quick but sincere prayer of thanks out into the universe.

These days I don’t need reminders. These days I am grateful all day, every day.

Ironically, some might think I’d have less to be grateful for today than one year ago. The past year has seen my husband battling Stage 4 prostate cancer, my oldest daughter leaving for college (11 hours away), my other two daughters moving further away from the nest, and just recently, a terminal diagnosis for our beloved pup Bella.

Yet now, more than ever, I feel blessed.

The joy I take in every day I have with my husband, and with our family, is indescribable. It’s funny how supposed “time limits” change your thinking. It’s no longer about quantity, it’s about quality.

I won’t lie, cancer sucks. Ron suffers on some days, and there’s a certain outrage we feel at receiving this sentence at such a relatively young age.

No matter where things go from here for our tight-knit little family, we all revel in the time we spend together. Ron’s not working these days, and I’m able to do more of my work from home. This gives us rare and precious moments for impromptu walks when he’s feeling up to it. Plus there’s a renewed focus on nutrition, home-cooked meals and family dinners.

Each of these moments we spend together, with our family, including our beloved Bella, are more precious than gold. Through good days and bad, we both ask ourselves, “Who gets all this? How did we get so lucky?”

Sometimes I wish it didn’t take a “yin” to fully embrace the “yang,” but for all of it, I am grateful.

It’s in this spirit of gratitude that we put together our November issue. We hope you enjoy this month’s stories of giving back, holiday foods, snow sports and local artists. And, oh yes — be sure to support Parker’s small businesses on Shop Local Day November 25!

Here’s wishing you and your family a sweet and meaningful November.


Robin Bond, Editor