A Bloom in Winter 2

Artful Arrangements with Bobbi O.

Parker Blooms is a Parker gem. Owned by floral designer Bobbi O’Donnell since 2012, designs range from contemporary to very modern. “The zen style is my favorite,” says Bobbi. “They’re modern and highlight each individual flower. 

“Our primary customer is someone who is sending flowers locally for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, but we cover everything from weddings and proms to get-wells, new babies and sympathy arrangements,” says Bobbi. 

And the Parker Blooms team prides itself on customer service. Call in and talk to Bobbi, Lane (Bobbi’s son), Becky, Cheryl or Kammie. “We hear from our customers that we treat everyone like they’re our favorite customers.” ParkerBloomsColorado.com

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Do-it-yourself Arrangements:

Lesson’s from Bobbi O.




Select your appropriate size vase. A low cube vase is good for short arrangements like centerpieces, as it won’t block guests’ views. For gift or decorative bouquets you might want a larger, taller vase and arrangement. 


Seek out the perfect flowers by popping into Parker Blooms. You don’t want your flowers to all be the same height. “Picture a fairy jumping from flower to flower,” says Bobbi. “You want variant heights and textures.”


Try not to touch the petals too much, as they can absorb oils from your hands. (Hydrangeas are especially sensitive to oils.)


Use floral foam “oasis” for your base. Pre-soak your oasis in water with Aquaplus flower food to extend the life of your flowers. Cut oasis to size, place in your vase and fill with water.


Using clear floral tape, create a grid atop your vase. For taller arrangements, you’ll create a weave in your vase using the greenery. 



Cut and place. “You can’t cut them and set them down.” The bottom of your stems will start scarring immediately and won’t absorb the water when you put you place them. Remove any unwanted leaves, and strip away the stuff you don’t want. With roses, be sure to take off the outside petals called guard petals, as they’re bruised and show dark spots.



1. Greenery

Leatherleaf and Salal Tips are good greenery choices for everyday arrangements.  For winter greenery use pine or cedar. Place flowers at an angle instead of straight up and down. For taller arrangements where you’re weaving the greenery together, cut the greenery to the right length and place it into the vase. It’s best to use flowers in odd numbers. 5, 3, 1. If something sticks out, cut it off. 

2. Focal Flowers

Next, add your focal flowers. For short arrangements, place them into the grid or oasis where the greenery has been placed. For tall arrangements, place the flowers within the weave to secure. 

3. Filler

Last, add filler. Limonium, also known as Misty, is the “new” baby’s breath, says Bobbi. Waxflower works well, too. For holiday arrangements, you might want to add a fern like Plumosa. 

Put a bow around the neck or directly in the arrangement, and voila! Be sure to water daily, and change the water to minimize battery.