Fixin' for the season 10

A rustic holiday in Pradera country

Shannon and Jake Korth’s spacious walk-out ranch is a hard-working home, accommodating their family’s needs year-round as they manage the plethora of activities and events for their five children. And with their penchant for hosting parties—the Super Bowl, murder mysteries, Halloween—just to name a few, the home’s main living space is put to the test on a regular basis.

But it’s when the holidays approach that Shannon’s decorating blood starts to race. A Pinterest aficionado, she describes her style as “country, rustic and cozy—I want to make people feel comfortable.

“It’s always evolving,” Shannon says of her holiday style. “This is the first year I’ve used checkers,” she notes the addition of tartan pillows on the sofa and spiraling ribbon on the towering 12-foot tree by the hearth.

This year, Angela Tyler of Aragon Interior Designs rendered her professional eye to the Korth’s annual decking of the halls.

To amp-up Shannon’s well-defined style, Tyler suggested “lots of twinkly lights” throughout the greenery displays, and more color—in this case, red. 

With their holiday decorating out of the way, Shannon is ready for the parties to begin, and she has a tried-and-true method to keep the house ready in the frenzy of five-kid action. “We just keep the kids really busy so they don’t have time to make a mess!”