Four-ward Fitness 3

Find your momentum



Getting–and staying–in shape looks different today than it did just a decade ago. Specialized clubs bring people together in community, keeping them engaged and moving. We’ve homed in on four fitness regimens that can boast a growing following. From barre fitness to finding the calorie-burn zone, these trends should keep you moving in 2018.


Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping 

“We use the word results a lot,” says Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping owner, Chad Davis, with both enthusiasm and pride. He describes the typical client as between 35 and 55 years old, and they’re frustrated with other “typical” approaches to fitness. 

“They’ve tried everything else—every other diet, regular gym memberships, they’ve paid for personal trainers, and haven’t seen a lot of success,” Davis says.

He’s seen clients—some are even former NFL players—transform their bodies and their minds while attending the 45-minute sessions six days a week. 

It starts with a 10-week-challenge. “We measure results, chest, arms, weight and body composition.” 

“They’ve tried everything else…and they want something that works.”

There are four components that, combined, get those results that are putting Farrell’s on the map.

  • • Cardio-kick boxing.
  • • Building dynamic strength and lean muscle mass.
  • • A complete nutrition package. “It’s not a starvation program by any device,” Davis says. “You have to eat correctly, fuel the body correctly.”
  • • Accountability though teams and coaches throughout the process.

Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping

11280 Twenty Mile Rd


Pure Barre

Barre method for fitness has been working its way through the ranks for several years, and with the opening of Pure Barre on Mainstreet in July, Parker can boast its own studio dedicated exclusively to barre. 

What attracts many women to Pure Barre is that it is low-impact and focuses on the areas where women often struggle: hips, thighs, abdominal, seat and arms. It’s not about deleting fat from those areas—though many women see the scale drop numbers with increased activity and focus on fitness—it’s about “defying gravity by tapering everything in and lifting it up,” says owner Briget Russomanno.

For clients who want a more aerobic workout, Pure Barre offers high-intensity, low-impact interval workouts called Pure Empower.

“It’s an intelligent exercise that is life-changing.”

Classes are 50 minutes and set to pulsing music to motivate clients through the workout. Yes, there is a mirrored wall and yes, there is a barre–but prior dance experience has nothing to do with success. You’ll want to wear leggings (not the see-through kind, think spandex) and footie socks with grips—the studio sells them in the lobby if you need some.

“You will feel a difference after your very first class, and see results in just eight to ten classes,” Russomanno says.

18901 Mainstreet 


Koko Fit Club

Devotees to Koko Fit Club swear by its personalized programming–literally. Koko, which means “individual attention” in Japanese, is on the cutting edge of the digital workout.

“I’m surprised it took this long to come along in this age of technology,” says Koko’s manager, Becky Jones, who describes the concept as “efficient.”  And it’s simple—take your flash drive and insert it into one of three workout apparatuses:



-Smart Trainer weight-lifting machine

A personal flash drive records every Koko workout the client has had. It assimilates their current strength level, combines it with their fitness goals and creates a personalized workout each time. A screen connected to each machine directs clients through each session and provides feedback. With cardio and the Smart Trainer combined, “you can get a full workout in 45 minutes,” Jones says. 

The typical Koko client is in their late 30’s, but there are many who are retirement age and beyond.

“People get maximum results without the injuries.” 


“I used to go to the gym and not know what to do. Now I don’t have to think about it—I just do it—get in, get out,” gushes Jones.

18671 E Mainstreet


Burn Boot Camp

The camaraderie is palpable at Burn Boot Camp, where clients cheer one another on through a rigorous workout that’s always changing. 

“Strong is the new skinny.”

“Strong is the new skinny,” says Carmen Ragatz, who, along with his wife, Becky, own Burn Boot Camp in Parker.

The couple have taken to heart the five-pillars of the Burn Boot Camp franchise, which are: Mindset, Nutrition, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), Strength-building and Community.

Nearly two years ago, Becky tried Burn Boot Camp for the first time. “She loved it and never got tired of it,” Carmen says. “She also became mentally and emotionally stronger—and we wanted to bring that to more people.” Ergo, the Ragatzes opened a Burn Boot Camp in Parker.

Carmen says they see a range of clients walk in to their gym, from experienced athletes to sedentary people looking to find their verve again.

Burn’s equipment includes heavy ropes, pull-up bars, free weights, and the Terra Core—a relatively new type of stability balance trainer that’s a step-up from previous iterations of balance trainers.

“Come with a desire to give your best and become better everyday,” Carmen says. “That’s our big thing, to help people become better everyday.”

12940 Stroh Ranch Ct, #103