Making exercise fun again

Working out can get boring. No matter how killer the music is that’s playing in your headphones… and despite the 16 TVs you’re watching at once while thumping out another 30-minute treadmill session, the reward is often found in the thrill of being done.

Not anymore. As the Lifestyle team explored top fitness trends for this month’s “Active” issue, we found that traditional group fitness classes have been replaced by carefully designed ecosystems pulsing with energy, connection and positive reinforcement.

From Burn Boot Camp and Pure Barre to Koko Fit Club and Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping, the group dynamic reigns supreme.

Just get yourself there, and fall in to the groove.

And if getting to your workout is your big challenge, here’s a tip: the most consistent exercisers, according to a recent study in the journal Health Psychology, are those who are triggered by a daily cue. Something as habitual and mundane as hearing your morning alarm clock can get you to the gym and through your workout before you even have time to think about it.

Whatever your workout of choice, we hope you find inspiration in these pages, from trainer confessions from top local trainers and fitness instructors, to a solid 15-minute workout you can do at home, provided by top international CrossFit competitor Julie Sneed.