Trainer Confessions 3

If we only knew…

Ever wish you knew what your personal trainer knows? Here’s the skinny on some of the best tips and confessions from three top trainers.  

“It’s normal to gain weight when you first start working out. When I first started training hard, I gained weight and it freaked me out. But the truth was, I was getting more fit, not fat!”

Abbey Roesner

Personal Trainer and Barre Instructor, Lone Tree 

“I wish I could convince people mentally to trust the process because the process works. Too many people give up because they’re not seeing quick enough results. If it were easy, everybody would be doing it!”

TJ Terry

Personal Trainer, Lone Tree 

“I should have gotten my degree in psychology. Personal training sessions often turn into therapy sessions for clients.” 

Chris Isakson

Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, Highlands Ranch