A Beginner's Guide to Running 10

Any Fitness Plan Should Start with Consistency, Accountability

Thinking about getting fit—or fit again? Think consistency and accountability, says Trent Briney, co-owner of RNK Running & Walking in Parker. Any running or other fitness program has to be based on consistent training, or your body just won’t respond, says Trent, a longtime runner himself who also co-manages the running store that offers weekly group runs and an in-house nutritionist. You’re more likely to stick to your program when a trainer or group of cohorts is encouraging and keeping you accountable to your fitness goals. And don’t underestimate the power proper nutrition has in building great results.

Runner’s Starter Guide


Easy run


Weights and some core work


Speed/pace run: Medium distance run with pickups or speedplay such as hill repeats or short intervals from 1 minute to 4 minutes with rest interval equal to the time of the speed interval. Warmup and cooldown: 5-10 minutes, easy. Total run time and number of repeats dependent upon experience level of the runner.


Easy run


Weights and some core work


Long run: Longest run of the week by 20 percent or more. Example: Daily runs 3-4 miles; long run equals 5-6 miles. Easy effort, fat-burning workout. Example: Daily run/walk 2 miles; long run 3 miles.


Rest day. Optional to run a fifth day or optional to move weights to one of the run easy days, Optional to move the rest day to a different day during the week.