Kelley Williamson Finds Better Health through New Way of Cooking

Kelley Williamson started cooking about age 8 to help out her working parents in the evenings. And growing up in Kansas, that meant traditional fare such as chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes.

“It wasn’t until I got older, probably in my 30s, that I started thinking, ‘OK, there’s got to be something different, because my body doesn’t feel good,'” Kelley says.

She had already been dealing with irritable bowel syndrome and frequent migraines when her husband, Jerry Casados, was diagnosed with serious heart issues.

That’s when they went on a food journey that resulted in their new plant-based diet, and, eventually, new professions.

Kelley now is a plant-based chef, teaching cooking classes out of a rented church kitchen and hosting cooking demonstrations at Natural Grocers. Jerry is a plant-based nutritionist.

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Avocado holder — “I love this since I cannot always eat a whole avocado, but I dislike brown avocados.”

Spiralizer — “Who doesn’t love zoodles with a homemade marinara sauce?”

Basting brush — “I love these brushes to brush on water, vegetable broth or white wine.”

Pizza stone — “There is nothing better than making your own homemade pizza with your family.”

Kitchen shears — “I love these for when you want a small amount of fresh herbs but don’t want to have to grab a knife.”

Dough scraper — “This helps you keep your cutting boards clean, and it also comes in handy to scrape things off your cutting board and place in a bowl or pan.”

Stainless steel odor absorber — “Great way to keep the things that don’t smell good on your hands the next day.”