These Parker Business Owners Ditch the One-Size-Fits-All Approach in Favor of Thoughtful Holiday Giving

In the Home with Angela Tyler

For Angela Tyler, owner and designer of Aragon Interior Designs, the main goal of any interior design project is to help her clients feel good in their own homes. And when Angela is selecting gifts for friends and family at Christmastime, she sticks to the same principle. It’s all about the feels: the fragrance of a beautiful burning candle, the coziness of a plush throw, a coffee table book for inspiration throughout the year.

“I want them to come home and want to spend their time there because it feels good, warm and inviting,” Angela says. “That’s what I want to give to everyone. Their home is their castle, and it should feel that way.”

Instagram: @aragon_interior_designs

“Roughing It” with Joe Balsamo

Joe Balsamo, owner of JRocco Hair Care, is passionate about the hair business that he’s grown with his wife, Vicky, for more than 20 years. He’s equally passionate about the outdoors and can be found on weekends on a hiking trail ATVing or skiing in the winter. He’s even been slowly building a cabin near FairPlay. And for the past five years, he can’t seem to get enough of rock climbing. Joe says giving an outdoor-related gift can open up grand possibilities.

“Outdoor activities not only teach you things about yourself, but they also teach you more about each other,” he says. “There’s a freedom and peacefulness where you’re your own person.”

Instagram: @jroccohair

With the Family with Tanja Derry

Tanja Derry is the owner of Back to Wellness Chiropractic and Acupuncture with her husband, Matt, and with a friend has just launched Comfort Crates, which specializes in unique gift baskets. Oh, and she also has four kids under the age of 8. Tanja knows busy, but she is still dedicated to creating peace in her home by teaching her children to slow down.

“We love them to be engaged and to be present. I really believe in this,” says Tanja, who is also working on publishing a journal for children with prompts that focus on, among other things, being thankful.

She wants to encourage other families to slow down with gifts that bring the family together, unplugged and use some mental power. She says that’s the best gift of all.