With a Little Bit of Creativity and Planning, You Can Make Your Out-of-Town House Guests Feel Special and Pampered

Hosting guests in your home can be a privilege. Consider leaving a welcome basket in their room to greet them. It’s the perfect way to let them know you’re pleased they’ve chosen to stay with you.

When pulling a gift basket together, the first thing to consider is the recipient. Our basket was designed for a house guest from out of state. Making them feel welcome is the intent, giving them a few items that will not only make their stay more enjoyable but also help acclimate them to the extremely dry weather and high altitude of Colorado.

Consider contents such as lotion, creams and lip balm to help keep their skin and lips moisturized during their stay. Adding water or other refreshing beverages will help keep them hydrated. Hydration is a key component in avoiding altitude sickness.

Add other thoughtful touches such as something for the sweet tooth, essential oils, a scented eye pillow or room spray, a candle or hand scrub and a vase of fresh flowers to adorn their powder room countertop. Items like these will add personality and charm to the basket as well as a level of consideration to your gift.


1. Find a pretty basket, crate or patterned box to hold the contents of your gift.

2. If necessary, for presentation, add stuffing material such as tissue paper, a towel, fabric or other crate packing material.

3. Pick a theme when purchasing items. Every good basket should center around a theme. Our theme is “hydration and relaxation for a house guest.” 

4. Put the taller items like flowers and water bottles near the back and the smaller items in the front, so they are more easily visible.

5. Consider adding a card or note as a finishing touch.


1. Fresh flowers and Mason jar vase | $10 | Sprouts.com

2. San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water | $2 | Target.com

3. The Barr-Co. Soap Shop Cream Spanish Lime | $16 | CorePowerYoga.com

4. The Barr-Co. Soap Shop Lip Balm Vanilla & Oatmeal | $8 | CorePowerYoga.com

5. CP Essentials Travel Well Kit Essential Oils | $29.95 | AnitaNall.com

6-9. Candles by Tiffany, Eye Pillow, Candle, Linen Spray and Hand Scrub | $7-$15 | TheLocalColorado.com

10. My Yummy Creations Salted Caramels |$9.50 | TheLocalColorado.com

About the Authors

Longtime friends Tanja Derry and Shauna Scott share many commonalities. Both entrepreneurs, Tanja and her husband run a chiropractic practice in Parker, adding cryotherapy later this year. Shauna started a freelance marketing company for small businesses and realtors. These busy moms love hosting a party or house guests and being of service to others, all the while staying true to themselves, their faith and their yoga practice.