Year-Old Sierra Restaurant Combines Beloved Tex-Mex Dishes with Wood-Fired American Classics for Comfort Food Dining Experience in South Metro

Comfort food may mean different things to different people, but I’m (almost) willing to bet my mama’s recipe for Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake that in Colorado, a steaming bowl of green chili and homemade tortillas will always hit the spot. 

Add a classic margarita (no sweet-and-sour mix here, thank you), and you’re golden. 

You’ll find all of the above at Sierra in Lone Tree, a year-old restaurant from the Brinkerhoff family, famed for their beloved Tex-Mex Denver eatery La Loma. Sierra uses some of the same recipes, such as the green chili, rellenos and those margs.

Deanna Price, director of operations for the Brinkerhoff Hospitality Group, says many La Loma devotees have long traveled from Parker, Elizabeth and Castle Rock just for the green chili and now get their fix much closer to home.

But Sierra offers so much more to the South Metro area than the standard, albeit satisfying, Tex-Mex fare La Loma is known for. When you first enter, you’ll walk right past the roasting chickens on the rotisserie and see the cook staff busy tending the wood-fired grill with such hearty fare as the Cowboy Steak, King Salmon, Louisiana Killer Shrimp, Double Bone-In Pork Chop and the Sierra Burger.

Deanna says the concept behind Sierra was all about comfort food using long-cherished family recipes, which have roots in Colorado, Texas and Louisiana. 

“The goal was to be able to present American classics every day, such as rotisserie chicken, seafood, spaghetti, and still have those Southwestern influences,” Deanna says. 

Sonny’s West Texas Spaghetti came from the owner’s grandpa. And some of the seafood items, such as the Kona Coast Ahi Tuna Sashimi on the appetizer menu, were inspired by family trips to Hawaii.

Deanna says the Brinkerhoffs’ La Loma roots and Southwestern travels show up not just in the food but also the entire look and feel of the restaurant. 

The 8,400-square-foot restaurant sits high above Ridgegate Parkway and Interstate 25, just next to Cabela’s. With architecture reminiscent of a rustic A-frame lodge, there’s exposed red brick walls, hammered copper and wooden accents throughout. 

Did we say hammered copper? Sierra features two 35-seat horseshoe-shaped bars—one on the patio and one inside—that feature hammered copper tops handmade in Mexico. Inside, it’s easy to get carried away on a weekend afternoon with the expansive picture-window views of the Denver Tech Center and downtown beyond. And better to be stuck here on a Friday evening watching all the I-25 traffic lights than to be stuck in it.

If it oddly feels like home, Deanna says, that’s the intent.

“You could stay there for a long time and not even feel you’ve been there that long,” she says. 

Deanna says her go-to, comfort-food meal is always the same.

“The Petite Filet is incredible. I get the lunch version with house salad and coconut rice for an everyday meal.”

For this girl who grew up in West Texas and always looks at the dessert menu first, my choice is the sheet cake.

10680 Cabela Drive, Lone Tree, 303.662.8800,