Mother and Daughters Use Stash of Old Horse Blankets, Silver and Turquoise to Sew Together Dream Fashion Brand P.S. Wares

After more than 30 years of collecting old horse blankets, silver buckles and turquoise beads, Kim Plank of Centennial joined with her daughters to create P.S. Wares, a fashion brand that features handmade jewelry, handbags and clothing using Kim’s stash.

“She’s been making jewelry for as long as I can remember,” Michaela Plank of Parker says about her mother, Kim. 

Michaela, her sister Madison Plank and their mom say they’ve shared lots of late nights and achy hands the past couple of years to create their dream fashion brand, P.S. Wares, which stands for Plank Sisters Wares.

“A lot of the jewelry is from recycled horse tack and recycled leathers,” Michaela says.

And Madison says they also search for flannel shirts and other Western-style pieces to embellish with lace trim, cutouts and dip-dye.

“Don’t throw things away. Don’t make our landfill bigger than it already is,” Kim says.

Kim says her lifelong love of Native American and Spanish patterns adds character and a signature look to the P.S. Wares brand. 

Whether it’s leather fringe earrings or a saddle-blanket clutch with turquoise-rock accents, each piece is unique so that their clients know they are wearing something no one else has, the women say.

The mother and daughters say they put their heart into each piece and try to make something they’d be proud to own themselves.

“I made a little tiny purse and the handles are the horses’ bits that fit in their mouth,” Kim says.

She braided leather on the top of the handle so the user’s hands wouldn’t have to directly touch the slippery metal.

“I want to leave my mark,” Kim says. 

Considering what the craft has meant to her after all the years of collecting, Kim takes a breath and says, “It’s my church.”

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