Emily Wuckert of Coffee Theorem Offers Her Picks for Finding the Right Brew for Different Tastes

Emily Wuckert is a young entrepreneur who loves family, coffee and the outdoors. Her 10th grade geometry teacher’s passion and joy inspired Emily to pursue her own career and life that she truly enjoys. At 18 years old, Emily opened Coffee Theorem coffee bar, based on the proof that quality ingredients and expertise equal good coffee. Today, customers experience those variables in the passion and dedication Emily puts into crafting every cup. Coffee Theorem is located in the Broadstone Montane Apartments Leasing Office, 18301 E. Cottonwood Drive in Parker. Coffee Theorem also offers coffee catering services.



1. FOR THE PURIST: A traditional 2-ounce macchiato, showcasing Sweet Bloom espresso.

2. FOR THE MOTHER: A relaxing and aromatic lavender-honey latte. Mmm.

3. FOR THE GYM-GOER: Bulletproof coffee with Irish butter and coconut oil. Perfect for keto and paleo diets alike.

4. FOR THE STUDENT: Nitro cold brew. Smooth, strong and sure to keep you focused.  

5. FOR THE MILLENNIAL: Hand-whisked matcha over creamy iced coconut milk.

6. FOR THE SUIT: Red eye: double shot of espresso pulled into drip coffee.