Derek Scheuerman’s Serves Up Comfort Dish from His Childhood

A new restaurant in Parker is gathering together early risers and Francophiles alike with the owner’s lifelong love of crêpes.

Derek Scheuerman, owner of La Petite Crêperie, says his passion for baking gave him the opportunity to explore the thin French pancake, often finished with sweet or savory fillings.

Derek was inspired to open the crêperie from his travels to Montparnasse, a neighborhood in Paris known for its crêperies. Derek also says his mom is a big part of his inspiration for crêpes, since she was born in France.  

“I still use that same recipe that my mom taught me as a kid. I just do it on a way bigger scale,” Derek says.

A goal of Derek’s is to gain regulars and localize their crêpes by adding cultural Colorado ingredients such as green chili or chorizo.

“You can take it so much further … if you have enough of that hardiness, you know, that’s gonna fill you up,” Derek says.

Derek created a ham and gruyere crêpe. The ingredients inside: arugula, gruyere and honey smoked ham.