With a Love of the Off-Beat, Artist Finds Niche in Pet Illustrations

Graphic designer and illustrator Brittany Henson’s creativity shows up in her hand-lettered greeting cards, T-shirts and home design goods, including her pet illustration pillows. She came up with the idea for her business, Grain+Dot, about seven years ago after shopping for a greeting card. She couldn’t find anything inspiring, so she started making her own, imbued with her unorthodox, dry sense of humor.

“I enjoy the freedom of being able to work for myself, and that creative desire has always been there,” Brittany says. 

Brittany’s designs include pet illustrations, which she says all started with images of her own dogs, Midge and Sampson. Brittany says she first drew her dog and thought, “Maybe, you know, other people want this, and turns out they did.”