Are you hungry, Parker? We’re sure you will be when you read—or should we say devour —this issue, the most drool-worthy one of the year: the Foodie issue! We spent the last few months scouring the streets here and afar, and we found more than enough material to fill these pages.

While we don’t like to play favorites, the Foodie issue is near and dear to our hearts. After all, food is not only nourishing (and delicious) but it also brings people together—whether it’s a special anniversary dinner, a much-needed lunch break with coworkers, a friend’s birthday party or even a casual weeknight meal with family. Food is often considered one of life’s great pleasures.

Food and fall make a perfect pairing, and we are proud to have Parker’s own local beef by Bootheel 7 Ranch, recognized by the James Beard House in New York. Specific foods are often steeped in customs, and that makes each bite even more worth savoring. Dia de los Muertos celebrates lives that have gone before us, and trying traditional recipes that represent this holiday or paying homage to loved ones by preparing their favorite foods are both ways to honor and remember family culture.

If you are lucky enough to live abroad or just visit, make sure to immerse yourself in the all-encompassing food and wine scene as Hannah Starbuck relates in “Worth the Trip.”

Dig in, Parker!