Healthy and Delicious

Start the New Year right with these healthy recipes from Bernie Jensen, a functional nutritionist and blogger in Parker. Find her at

A Beginner’s Guide to Running

 Article Jennifer Starbuck | Photography Steven Scobee  RNK co-owners Trent Briney and Jim Browning give their top gear picks for runners:  


Wintertime in beautiful Colorado means it’s cold and especially dry. This combination of environmental conditions can cause dry, flaky and sometimes itchy skin, even in people who don’t have this problem in the warmer months. We talked with dermatologists Dr. Christopher Messana and Dr. Kate Messana of Elevated Dermatology in Parker to gather tips for skin care during these winter…

Have Snow? Let’s Go

As someone who has lived in Florida most of my adult life, I had forgotten the experience of snow and mountains. 

Spring Riding

Looking to get outside and hop on that new bike you've been waiting to ride? Spring riding in Colorado can offer some of the best views and terrain. Make sure you know which trails and roads to hit this Spring! Hell of the Wolf Loop
This ride begins and ends in Castle Rock! Featuring rides of 70 to 100 miles, there…

The Albert Vein Institute – Setting the Standard for Vein Care

The Albert Vein Institute, founded by Dr. James D. Albert, is the first and only institute in Colorado that has been nationally recognized as an IAC Accredited Vein Center (Intersocietal Accreditation Commission). The institute has been designed around Dr. Albert’s unique vision to create a center entirely focused on venous diseases. With this vision in mind, The Albert Vein Institute…

Do Just One Thing (or 5)

So says Mona Kobishop, a certified master personal trainer who facilitates the Colorado Athletic Run Club in the Denver Tech Center. As a professional running coach with the Colorado Athletic Club, Kobishop helps her clients—from novice to advanced—approach the sport intentionally to pave the way for optimal performance and avoid injury.

Stay Koko Strong!

When it comes to starting any exercise program, it can be overwhelming to think too far ahead into the future. That’s why it’s wise to take a smaller scale approach to fitness: one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time, etc. Before you know it, exercise is a habit that you no longer…

Tour de Cure Colorado Celebrates its 25th Anniversary in Parker

The Town of Parker and the American Diabetes Association are collaborating to make the 2016 Tour de Cure Colorado a true community event that will highlight Parker’s unique community businesses and partners, while still offering the inspirational daylong celebration that Tour participants have come to know and love.

July 2016 Healthy Lifestyle

Ever wonder why an apple tastes better in October than it does in August? Or why oranges are so much sweeter and less expensive in winter than in summer? The answers are simple. Apples are locally harvested in the fall, while oranges and grapefruit are at their best in the winter months.

February: The Month of the Heart

The heart is often referred to as the symbol of love. While love is vital to a fulfilling life, a healthy heart is crucial to it. A healthy heart functions without us having to even think about it. It beats about 100,000 times per day and pumps 1.5 gallons of blood through the body per minute. The more in shape…

The Road to a Healthy Mouth

“Most people are living with some kind of gingivitis or undiagnosed periodontal disease,” according to Bonifacio Guillena, D.M.D., or “Dr. Bono” as his staff calls him at Perfect Teeth in Parker. Guillena diagnoses and treats periodontal disease. “Periodontal means ‘around the tooth.’ When you brush your teeth, brush your tongue and gums as well. Before I became a dentist, I…

12 Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season

The holidays can be a time of overindulgence and weight gain for many of us. Family gatherings and holiday parties with friends are part of what make the season so special.

Lose Weight and get Healthy at the Same Time

If you’ve been on the roller coaster of weight-loss, dealing with the constant losing and regaining of unwanted weight, your lack of detoxification is probably the culprit. “When people lose weight and don’t detox, they still have all the toxins in their body. Fat cells are actually created to hold toxins and to keep them away from the body,” says…

The Miracle of Water

Water. It has carved canyons and moved mountains. It sustains our planet and all that lives here, and has even been known to cause wars. Without it, we would cease to exist.

Gaining a Whole New 
View on Life (and Yourself)

Time can take a toll on your skin. Be it sun damage, exhaustion or gravity, most people will notice fine lines, droopy eyelids or puffy bags under the eyes. And as we age, the progression can worsen, causing people to feel self-conscious or even inhibit their vision.