Craft Beer 101

Welcome Home Brewery owner Sharon Murphy says she has some advice for those traditionally non-beer drinkers who are interested in learning more about enjoying craft brews: Just have fun. 

Tasting La Vida Local

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that this lyric from Katherine Lee Bates'  “America the Beautiful” was penned in Colorado; here we are, 134 years later, and those amber waves have lent themselves to the local beer crafting, testing and connoisseur-ing that has become a legitimate Colorado past time. Our state ranks second as the state with the most breweries, and that makes local beer-tasting especially fun, if not convenient. 

April 2017 Hops & Vine

This year’s Kentucky Derby is Saturday, May 6, and it seems more and more non-Kentuckian’s are donning hats and downing drinks in honor of Spring's equestrians rite. Whether you’re celebrating in style or sipping in your sweatpants, here are a few out-of-the-box Derby cocktail recipes, courtesy of the master mixologists at the Parker Garage.

The Whiskeys of Winter

While Americans deemed drunkenness deplorable for centuries, physicians of yore prescribed whiskey as medicine, encouraging and even prescribing it for keeping warm in the winter, restoring energy, and curing colds, fevers, depression and snakebites.